Boards & Commissions

The City of Sidney establishes local advisory boards, committees and commissions by ordinance or resolution. These advisory bodies are responsible for making recommendations on a variety of topics to the City Council for consideration and final determination.

The City of Sidney recognizes there is a vast and largely untapped reservoir of talent that exists among the citizenry and to encourage public input and citizen participation, the City Council or City Manager appoints representatives to various local boards or committees.

Board Responsibilities

The general purpose, responsibilities and terms of office for each board and commission are established by their respective ordinance or resolution and in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the City Council. The general purpose, responsibilities and terms of office for countywide boards and commissions are established by their respective entity.

Board Application

Applications are accepted from persons who would like to be considered for volunteer service on municipal boards. The City Council selects members by majority vote from among citizens who volunteer for service.

The City Manager's Office will advertise for board vacancies as terms expire or resignations are received. Each board candidate must complete an application form which includes a brief overview of skill sets and experience they possess, as well as civic activities in which they are involved. Interested residents should submit applications to the City Manager's office.

Application to apply for City Board