Cemetery Kiosk

Kiosk System

Greenwood Cemetery has installed a computerized a touch screen directory, just in time for Memorial Day, 2013.

The directory will allow cemetery visitors to quickly and easily locate loved ones, relatives and friends simply by touching a computer screen. It's easy and programmed so that just a few computer screen finger touches (even gloved hands in cold weather work) will locate the plot location of anyone you are looking for. The computer is in an attractive, environmentally controlled weather resistant Mausoleum type housing. The search instructions are easy to follow.

Cemetery Sexton, Don Gehrig, stated that in addition to visitors easily and quickly finding the location of the marker, the computer program also displays a map of the cemetery with the location of the grave. Not only does this help visitors, it also helps genealogists and your local floral companies to easily find grave sites. Cemetery employees can also devote less time to locating grave and more time to keep our memorial park attractive.

Virtual Memorial

A "Virtual Memorial" including information such as obituaries, family trees, photos, videos and audio can be programmed into the directory for display. This memorial can be viewed online anywhere at anytime on the World Wide Web! For more information on this option contact: Greewood Cemetery, 308-254-2337 or the City Offices, 308-254-5300.


Windy Prairie Systems Inc., a company out of Indianola, Nebraska, developed the Kiosk Touch Screen Cemetery Directory. The Kiosks were originally designed to serve larger memorial parks.


Funding for the new directory was provided by Greenwood Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund.