Burial Fees

Effective October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024. Cemetery Fees and Conditions are as follows:

  • $500 Single adult space
  • $195 Babyland (infant lot)
  • $275 Cremations block; single space including foundation
  • $175 Block "J' single space
    • Space sales in block "J" are restricted to those in conjunction with a burial only and are designated for burials authorized by the Social Services
  • $5 Cemetery Deeds 
  • $5 Transfer of Deed


  • N/A Adult; wood box - prohibited
  • $525 Adult; concrete, steel, fiberglass, etc.
  • $240 Infants
  • $235 Cremations
  • $435.00 Saturday morning interment
  • $535.00 Saturday morning interment late notice


  • $625 Adult
  • $340 Infant
  • $340 Cremation

Vase Settings

  • $7.50 City furnished vase
  • $6 Customer furnished vase


No Sunday, holiday or Saturday afternoon interments or disinterments. Saturday morning interments will be allowed by consent of the cemetery sexton and contingent on availability of two Parks or Cemetery employees to perform the closing. There will be an extra charge to offset expenses:

  • $425 Saturday morning interments
  • $525 Saturday morning late notice interments

If a Saturday morning interment is allowed, the funeral director needs to have the grave site vacated no later than 12 pm. If the Saturday funeral follows a paid City holiday on the Friday before, it is the responsibility of the family or mortuary to have a paid burial order to the cemetery sexton no later than noon on the last working day before the paid holiday. If this prior notice is not possible and the grave opening is made on Friday or Saturday, an additional cost of $300 will apply.