City Council


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Second and fourth Tuesday of every month
  • City Hall
    1115 13th Ave.



City Council is the governing body of the city and exercises all powers which have been or may be conferred upon the city by the constitution and laws of the State of Nebraska, except those provided for in state statutes. The City Council may create and establish departments and offices in addition to those provided for in this administration code as may be necessary for the purpose of a more efficient administration and as business may demand. When other departments and offices are created and established, the officers in charge shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the city manager.

In order to effectively study and prepare the annual budgets for the city and to keep the time and costs of such study and preparation to a minimum, the participation of persons other than city officials in the discussion during special council meetings called for the sole purpose of study and preparation of such annual budgets, is restricted to those requested to testify by the city manager.

The City Council consists of five members elected by the people for four-year term