Sidney has one of the most unique logistics systems in Midwest American with three railroads and four major highways. The inbound and outbound distribution of products using either of the two major railroads or one of the many trucking companies located in this Midwest location, makes Sidney very unique.

Highways / Interstate

Sidney enjoys location advantages by sitting on the east-west Interstate-80 (San Francisco to New York), north-south U.S. (Canada to Mexico), east-west U.S. 30 and Highway 19 from the Colorado front range.

  • Interstate 80 runs along the south side of the community, linking San Francisco to New York City. It directly connects Sidney to Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Omaha, Des Moines, Chicago and Cleveland.
  • Highway 30, originally the Lincoln Highway, primarily is a regional road that is utilized by county residents and commuters from nearby towns such as Potter and Lodgepole.
  • Highway 385 is a US Federal Highway and is part of Nebraska's commercial highway system. It provides an important link to Rapid City. Highway 385 is connected to Interstate 80 via Link 17J as this Highway turns eastward just to the northeast of Sidney.
  • Highway 19 is classified as a secondary, non-commercial state highway, however, it is a very important commercial link for Sidney to Interstate 76 and Denver.



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