The Electric Department has eight full time employees. The Electric Distribution Department is under the direction of the Public Services Director.

Purchased Power

  • Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska
  • Department of Energy


  • Residential - 3027
  • Commercial Demand - 43
  • Commercial - 604
  • Irrigation - 8


  • 90 miles of overhead power lines
  • 20 miles of underground power lines
  • 5500 distribution poles
  • 1250 transformers
  • 1400 residential and commercial street lights
  • Traffic lights at five intersections
  • 4 independent substations

The City is constantly working to upgrade our overhead and underground distribution system throughout the city while incorporating the best possible rate.

The Electric Department is in the process of installing a wireless residential metering system which will be capable of supplying customers with information that will allow them to track their kilowatt usage, high use times, history of use and current loads so they can manage their electric costs more efficiently.