Wendall Gaston

City Council
Title: City Council Member

Wendall GastonDr. Wendall Gaston is a pharmacist. He and his wife, Deanna, have owned their own pharmacies for over 20 years. Wendall is currently the pharmacy manager at the Safeway Store in Sidney. He graduated with a BS in pharmacy from the University of WY, received his MBA from the University of NE and his Pharm D from the University of Kansas. He has received over 200 civic and professional awards. Wendall also gives keynote motivational speeches and seminars on various topics all over the county.

Wendall is married to Deanna, who is a R.N. with Cabela’s. They have three daughters, Cora, Jennie and Tamlyn.

Wendall has been on the City Council since May of 2002. 

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