The City has six full-time water operators that repair water mains, fire hydrants, valves, water service lines, curb boxes, install new water service connections for customers and replace and repair approximately 2900 water meters. The Water Department is under the direction of the Public Services Director.


  • Residential - 2508
  • Commericial - 513

Quick Facts

  • Water Source: Ground Water
  • Average Daily Demand 1.5 million gallons
  • Average Annual Demand 565 million gallons
  • Color: Clear
  • Average Temp: 45
  • Average Hardness: 16.8 grain/gallon
  • Treatment: Sodium Hypochlorite-Liquid (.9% Solution)
  • System Pressure: 40 to 85 pounds per square inch depending on the pumping zone.
  • The City of Sidney operates a water system that is supplied by 14 ground water wells that are drilled from depths of 80-400 feet.
  • The combined pumping capacity of these groundwater wells total 13,000 gallons per minute. The system has 6 water storage towers which allow storage of up to 3.3million gallons of water.
  • The water distribution system is made up of 80 miles of water main, 421 fire hydrants, 1087 main valves and 2695 service lines with curb box or meter pits (property shut-off valves).