School Resource Officer

  • The Department partners with Sidney Public Schools to provide a School Resource Officer (SRO).
  • The SRO is present in one of the six Sidney Schools while school is in session.
  • When school is in recess, the SRO supplements the Patrol Bureau.
  • The purpose of the SRO is to provide a liaison between the schools, student body and the Department.
  • This partnership allows us to proactively identify issues that affect our youth and provide positive interactions between the Department and students.
  • The SRO facilitates regular meetings in which local law enforcement, school administration and the County Attorney's Office discuss and coordinate efforts relating to issues regarding the youth of our community.

SMAC - Students Making Awesome Choices

  • The SRO is also responsible for teaching SMAC (Students Making Awesome Choices), a program that gives the students the tools needed to make the right choice regarding life-changing decisions.
  • The SRO, in cooperation with the school's guidance counselor identified gaps in the previous curriculum that was being taught to the students and developed a curriculum that filled these gaps.
  • SMAC has been a great success and has been used as a template by other law enforcement/school partnerships to set up programs to educate and protect our youth.